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Dr. Chaolun Allen Chen Research Fellow

Lab PI

Dr. Chaolun Allen Chen

Research Fellow

PhD – James Cook, University ,Australia,1995

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Office:Greenhouse Builiding 204


Research Fields
  • Coral and coral reef evolution
  • Coral reef ecosystem and environmental change
  • Symbiosis

Research Directions

  • Coral reef hosts high biodiversity which provides a foundation stone for human civilization. Due to the disturbances from human activities, including overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction, and synergetic effect of ocean warming and acidification caused by climate change, coral reef are facing severe degradation worldwide. Corals are facing mass extinction and coral reef ecosystem are losing its ecological function and service towards end of this century, if the human-induced disturbances were not ceased. We address several important questions regarding to response mechanisms of corals and coral reefs under the impact of environmental change. First, will corals acclimatize or adapt to environmental change, particularly the impact of rising seawater temperature? If so, who are the winners? Who are the loosers? Second, what kind of mechanisms behind these winners to survive under the future scenarios? Is it driven by host corals or symbionts? Third, will the coral communities composed by the winner perform a similar ecological function as we observe from present coral reef ecosystem? Forth, what are management and conservation implications for the future coral reefs based on our research? Based on the long-term ecological research approach, we incorporate genomics, molecular ecology, physiology, and community ecology to address these questions.


Latest published paper

期刊論文 ( 2016 - 2019 )

  1. Jih-Terng Wang*, Yu-Ting Wang, Shashank Keshavmurthy, Pei-Jei Meng, Chaolun Allen Chen*, 2019, “The coral Platygyra verweyi exhibits local adaptation to long-term thermal stress 2 through host-specific physiological and enzymatic response”, Scientific Reports, 9, 13492. (SCI) (IF: 4.122; SCI ranking: 18.8%) Link
  2. Rodrigo Carballo-Bolaños, Vianney Denis, Ya-Yi Huang, Shashank Keshavmurthy, Chaolun Allen Chen*, 2019, “Temporal variation and photochemical efficiency of species in Symbiodinaceae associated with coral Leptoria phrygia (Scleractinia; Merulinidae) exposed to contrasting temperature regimes”, PLOS ONE, 14(6): e0218801. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 2.766; SCI ranking: 25%; SSCI ranking: 25%) Link
  3. Ren Min Oh1*, Mei Lin Neo, Nicholas Wei Liang Yap, Sudhanshi Sanjeev Jain, Ria Tan, Chaolun Allen Chen & Danwei Huang, 2019, “Citizen science meets integrated taxonomy to uncover the diversity and distribution of Corallimorpharia in Singapore”, RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY, 67, 306–321. (SCI) (IF: 0.716; SCI ranking: 72.5%) Link
  4. Carolin Nieder, Chen-Pan Liao, Chaolun Allen Chen, Shao-Lun Liu*, 2019, “Filamentous calcareous alga provides substrate for coral-competitive macroalgae in the degraded lagoon of Dongsha Atoll, Taiwan”, PLOS ONE, 14(5): e0200864. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 2.766; SCI ranking: 25%; SSCI ranking: 25%) Link
  5. Carolin Nieder, Pin-Chen Chen, Chen, Chaolun Allen Chen, Shao-Lun Liu*, 2019, “New record of the encrusting alga Ramicrusta textilis overgrowing corals in the lagoon of Dongsha Atoll, South China Sea”, Bulletin of Marine Science, (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 1.847; SCI ranking: 46.7%; SSCI ranking: 46.7%) Link
  6. Shashank Keshavmurthy, Sung-Yin Yang, Chun-Yu Su, Yu-Wen Chiu, Chaolun Allen Chen*, 2019, “Association between massive Porites and the hidden hermit crab, Calcinus latens (Decapoda, Diogenidae)”, BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE, 95(1), 115-116. (SCI) (IF: 2.263; SCI ranking: 24.8%,30.2%) Link
  7. Parisa Alidoost Salimi, Pargol Ghavam Mostafavi*, Chaolun Allen Chen, Seyed Mohammad Reza Fatemi, and Michel Pichon, 2018, “The Scleractinia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) of Abu-Musa and Sirri Islands, Persian Gulf”, ZOOLOGICAL STUDIES, 57(56). (SCI) (IF: 1.008; SCI ranking: 52.1%) Link
  8. Kuo-Wei Kao, Shashank Keshavmurthy*, Cing-Hsin Tsao, Jih-Terng Wang, and Chaolun Allen Chen*, 2018, “Repeated and Prolonged Temperature Anomalies Negate Symbiodiniaceae Genera Shuffling in the Coral Platygyra verweyi (Scleractinia; Merulinidae)”, ZOOLOGICAL STUDIES, 57, 55. (SCI) (IF: 1.008; SCI ranking: 52.1%) Link
  9. Hawthorne L. Beyer, Emma V. Kennedy, Maria Beger, Chaolun Allen Chen, Joshua E. Cinner, Emily S. Darling, C. Mark Eakin, Ruth D. Gates, Scott F. Heron, Nancy Knowlton, David O. Obura, Stephen R. Palumbi, Hugh P. Possingham, Marji Puotinen, Rebecca K. Runting, William J. Skirving, Mark Spalding, Kerrie A. Wilson,Sally Wood, John E. Veron, Ove Hoegh‐Guldberg, 2018, “Risk‐sensitive planning for conserving coral reefs under rapid climate change”, Conservation Letters, 11(6),e12587. (SCI) (IF: 7.02; SCI ranking: 3.7%) Link
  10. Stephane De Palmas, Derk R. Sato, Min-Jay Ho, Vianney Denis*, Chaolun Allen Chen* , 2018, “Molecular assessment of Pocillopora verrucosa (Scleractinia; Pocilloporidae) distribution along a depth gradient in Ludao, Taiwan. ”, PeerJ, 6, e5797. (SCI) (IF: 2.177; SCI ranking: 31.3%) Link
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  12. Derek Soto, Stephane De Palmas, Ming Jay Ho, Vianney Denis*, Chaolun Allen Chen*, 2018, “Spatial variation in the morphological traits of Pocillopora verrucosa along a depth gradient in Taiwan”, PLoS One, 13(8), e0202586. (SCI) (IF: 2.806; SCI ranking: 23.4%) Link
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