Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica

Dr. Yoko Nozawa Associate Research Fellow

Lab PI

Dr. Yoko Nozawa

Associate Research Fellow

Ph.D Kyushu University, Japan, 2006

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Office: Greenhouse Builiding 202


Research Fields
  • Reproduction and recruitment processes of corals
  • Population and community ecology of marine benthos

Research Directions

  • 1.Reproduction and recruitment of corals
    Reproduction and recruitment are the initial life-stages of corals. Although the life-stages, determining the recruit number, are the key to understanding the dynamics of coral populations/communities, little is known about the stages due mainly to the difficulties of underwater surveys. As degradation of coral communities is predicted globally, as the climate change progresses, in the near future, my lab is focusing on the stages, which will improve the future prediction of corals and also provide solutions for better management/conservation of extant corals.
  • 2.Population dynamics of Terpios hoshinota
    Terpios hoshinota is a black encrusting sponge, aggressively overgrowing corals. Terpios is known to have a wide distribution region in the Pacific and its outbreak has been documented at several locations including Taiwan, resulting in mass mortality of corals. In Taiwan, the outbreak of Terpios was observed for the first time at Lyudao (Green Island) and Lanyu (Orchid Island) in 2006 and, since then, Terpios maintains its populations at the islands to date. In order to understand population dynamics of Terpios, my lab is currently monitoring about 200 individual Terpios since 2009, and examining reproduction of Terpios, including gametogenesis, reproductive season, and larval release pattern.


Latest published paper

期刊論文 ( 2017 - 2020 )

  1. Lee Eyal-Shaham, Gal Eyal, Kazuhiko Sakai, Yoko Nozawa, Saki Harii, Frederic Sinniger, Omri Bronstein, Or Ben-Zvi, Tom Shlesinger, Yossi Loya*, 2019, “Repetitive sex change in the stony coral Herpolitha limax across a wide geographic range”, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9(1), 2936. (SCIE) (IF: 4.122; SCIE ranking: 21.4%) Link
  2. Jacqueline Wolstenholme*, Yoko Nozawa, Maria Byrne, William Burke, 2018, “Timing of mass spawning in corals: potential influence of the coincidence of lunar factors and associated changes in atmospheric pressure from northern and southern hemisphere case studies”, INVERTEBRATE REPRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT, 62(2), 98-108. (SCIE) (IF: 0.824; SCIE ranking: 100%,65%) Link
  3. Che-Hung Lin, Yoko Nozawa*, 2017, “Variability of spawning time (lunar day) in Acropora vs. merulinid corals: a 7-year record of in situ coral spawning in Taiwan.”, CORAL REEFS, 36(4), 1269-1278. (SCIE) (IF: 2.906; SCIE ranking: 12.4%) Link