11/06 14:30 Prof. Kateryna Makova_Mito-nuclear Effects in Human Admixed Populations

(Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics)


時間 Time:2019. 11. 06 Wed. 14:30


地 點:跨領域科技研究大樓 2樓B208會議室
Venue: B208 Conference Room, Interdisciplinary Research Building


演講者 Speaker:Prof. Kateryna Makova
                        Francis R. and Helen M. Pentz Professor
                        Director, Center for Medical Genomics
                        Department of Biology, Penn State University


講題 Title:Mito-nuclear Effects in Human Admixed Populations


主持人 Host: 李文雄特聘研究員 Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li


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