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Event News

2/23 15:00 Dr. Yoko Nozawa-Reproduction, Recruitment, and Dynamics of Reef-building Corals in the Southeast Asia

(Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems)

Time:2022. 02. 23  Wed. 15:00

Venue: Auditorium, 1st Floor, Interdisciplinary Research Building

Speaker:Dr. Yoko Nozawa
                     Associate Research Fellow
                     Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica

Title:Reproduction, Recruitment, and Dynamics of Reef-building Corals in the Southeast Asia

Host:Dr. Benny K. K. Chan

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      This presentation is for my application for promotion to research fellow in Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica. Therefore, in this presentation, I will present my research achievements in the past five years since I became an associate research fellow in 2016 and future research aspects including ongoing projects.
      My research approach is field ecology, and my research interest is to understand the dynamics of (reef-building) corals through the early life processes, i.e., the reproduction and recruitment processes. My research focus is on corals in the Southeast Asia. Those are the background of researches that I will present in this presentation.
      For the research achievements, I will present my five representative studies published in 2016–2021. The first three are from the coral reproduction process and the latter two are from the coral recruitment process. Those are: (1) coral spawning patterns at Lyudao, Taiwan, (2) coral spawning mechanisms, (3) larval behavior (photo-movement) for dispersal, (4) latitudinal growth pattern of coral juveniles in the West Pacific, and (5) facilitation of coral recovery by sea urchins.
      For the future research aspects, I will present my four main research topics. While the first two are related to my current research focus, the reproduction and recruitment processes of corals, the latter two are new in my research and about coral response to the global warming. Those are: (1) coral spawning mechanisms (ongoing projects), (2) positive factors for coral recovery, (3) coral recovery from 2021 bleaching (ongoing projects), and (4) regional study for coral dynamics in the Southeast Asia.

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