Fish Life History Laboratory
Fish Life History Laboratory

Effective conservation and sustainable use of natural resources require understanding of population dynamics. Our research combines empirical life-history data, such as growth rates, maturation, and mortality rates, and mathematical modeling, to model population responses under anthropogenic and environmental drivers. Our models enable to evaluate the effects of fisheries exploitation and ocean warming for various fishes, providing a scientific basis for forecasting abundance changes of fishes and designing policy for sustainable fisheries management.  

Current research topics:
  1. Evaluating effects of warming on larval growth rates for small benthic reef fishes
  2. Effects of fishing and thermal environments on reproductive strategies of Trichiurus japonicus
  3. Life-history modeling to assess differential population responses under ocean warming for fishes
Location: Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technology C310
Tel: +886-2-2787-2285
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