Lab of Marine Ecology
Lab of Marine Ecology

Research Directions

  1. Base on the conclusion of the research on snapping shrimps, land crabs, and Xenograpsus testudinatus, we continue to categorizing and conserving the Decapoda fauna in Taiwan.
  2. Coralliidae mostly distributes in deep sea. Although the related studies are limited, Coralliidae may play a significant rule in deep sea ecosystem. Through the researches of taxonomy, growth, and evolution of Coralliidae, then, we hope that we can find a balance between exploitation and conservation.
  3. The sclerites of Sinularia spp. have the ability to cementation and form reefs. In the past, most researchers thought that soft corals can not contribute to the formation of coral reefs. However, through the researches on the cores from Kenting and histological cross section of Sinularia we prove contribution from Sinularia spp. on the formation of reefs.
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