Marine Paleontology
Marine Paleontology

We are a group of biologists and paleontologists studying the spatiotemporal diversity of Recent and fossil marine organisms.

Our current research topics include:

  1. Deep time marine fauna in geologic time and geographic space: describing the diversity of marine fossil records at a global scale and exploring how geological events affect these communities;
  2. Reconstruction of pristine marine ecosystems in everchanging world: using the youngest fossil record to provide a strong scientific basis for marine conservation decisions;
  3. Development of diverse research platforms: enhancing local paleontology with various cutting-edge technology such as aDNA, μCT, AI.
Diana Osipova
Research Fellows
Hsin-wei Liu
Research Assistant
Siao-Man Wu
Research Assistant
Dominique Mediodia
TIGP student
Tai-Yen Lin
Graduate Student
Location: Green House Building 247
Tel: +886-2-2787-2237
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