Coastal Ecology Laboratory
Coastal Ecology Laboratory

My lab is interested in the field of marine ecology. Our lab use both molecular methods including DNA barcoding, transcriptomes and genomes and morphological approach to study the phylogeography and phylogeny of marine crustaceans. We also interested in the larval and settlement biology of barnacle larvae and examine how they settle on different substratum including live coral and sponges surfaces. We relate such larval behavior to the coral/sponge symbiosis. Recently, we also working on effect of microplastics on the survival and responses of barnacle larvae.

Current projects in the lab involve:

  1. Diversity and host-usage of coral and sponge associated barnacles
  2. Phylogeography and diversity of intertidal barnacles
  3. Microplastics and marine zooplankton

We welcome you to join our lab if you are interested in marine sciences.

Lab Member
Fook Choy Yap
Postdoctoral Researcher
Meng Chen Yu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Pei-Chen Tsai
Research Assistant
Wei-Peng Hsieh
Research Assistant
Yao-Feng Tsao
Research Assistant
Niklas Dreyer Dahl
TIGP student
Kingsley Jin-Ho Wong
PhD students
Po-Ning Shih
Master students
Min-Hsien Lee
Master students
Location: Green House Building 107
Tel: +886-2-2787-2231
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