Seed Plant Genomics Lab
Seed Plant Genomics Lab

The works in our lab combine plant biology, phylogenetics, genomics, and molecular evolution. We focus on three major research directions:

  1. Seed plant phylogeny
    We have assembled more than 100 seed plant plastomes, mostly from the gymnosperms and several angiosperms. These plastome sequences have many issues on seed plant phylogenies, including the placements of cycads, ginkgo, pines, cupressophytes, gnetophytes, magnoliids, and many more.
  2. Comparative genomics
    We have elucidated the first nuclear genome of magnoliids and over 100 plastomes (plastid genomes) from the five lineages of gymnosperms and the Laurel family. The availability of these genomes has greatly improved our knowledge of seed plant evolution and led to several explicit hypotheses explaining the diversity and complexity of seed plant plastomes. We have recently been assembling genomes of (1) an invasive herb, (2) a representative species of Southern continent conifers, and (3) two native banana cultivars. We wish to address (1) what are contributing factors in their success, (2) how it competes with lowland flowering plants, and (3) what are their genomic structure distinctiveness after domestication, respectively.
  3. Plant DNA barcoding
    We have also applied some of our works to design markers for DNA barcoding. These markers have important implications for identification, conservation, management, and countering illegal trading of Taiwan’s native and endemic flora as well as fauna.
Location: Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technology A202
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